They are our health!

“Dear athletes,
I will continue to provide you with some tips for you to remove that sense of fatigue that often takes away the pleasure of starting the workout. I also recall the importance of negative ionization in the environments where you live, sleep, or work to increase neuromuscular excitability.


It would be sufficient an inhalation of 10000 ions/cm3 with an ionizer for fifteen minutes before breakfast in the morning to improve the metabolism of the day.



To give you an idea of how can vary the concentration of negative ions in the atmosphere, we have in a local village 30 negative ions/cm3, in a car 15, 200 in a polluted city, in the country going up to 1200, in a forest 3000, by the sea in 4000, to 8000 in the mountains, at the foot of a waterfall up to 40000.

Other factors favoring instead a positive ionization as a setting where you smoke, or where there is a lot of dust, such as near gas stoves, electric stoves or in front of a television screen or a computer, on the subway or in crowded buses, weather events or fog, or a hot, dry wind.

The positive ions attach themselves to a smoke dust, or pollution, such as the pm1 and pm10, and make it even more harmful and negative, protect us against the transmission of infectious diseases, sterilizing environments up to 80% so there should always be an ionizer in hospitals, nursing homes or gyms.”

Dott. Ennio Pasquinucci

Traslation fom website–importanza-agli-ioni-negativi-sono-la-vostra-salute.htm of the March 5, 2012