The dermo-cosmetics is a branch of dermatology related to the aesthetic appearance of the skin.
The dermo-cosmetic products are a combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and focus on the care and treatment of superficial skin discomforts such as acne, wrinkles and redness.

Over time, exposure to sunlight and weathering, wrinkling movements of the muscles under the skin, all this contributes to giving the skin surface wrinkles more or less marked.

The answer to this progressive damage are the right dermo-cosmetics with active principles derived from aesthetic medicine, these advanced to act directly in the heart of the skin with restorative, restructuring, revitalizing action, in addition combats dehydration and free radicals, increasing turgor of the skin and stimulating the synthesis of all basic substances for a brighter faccial appearance, smooth and homogeneous, visibly younger.

Also, please  remember that the importance of cellular communication, for a dermocosmetic face cream, is in containing active principles loaded to the maximum and with the maximum of active principles, without unnecessary substances and with a high degree of tolerability.

What is good to know