We do not only interpret the market but we are looking for your place in the market by creating the conditions for distributing your products following you in the path of growth.

Open minds walk together

Customer and Partner Search
– identify sales channel suitable for achieving the objective,
selection of a list of local businesses potentially affected
delivery of documents and / or samples supplied by the applicant to the selected companies,
follow-up to detect the interest in the offer;
drawing up framework agreements.

Product search
If you wish to sell products we can search them for you by selecting the suppliers.

We offer consulting services to companies that want to improve their economic performanceOur strategic approach, analyze and solve problems, leads not only to recommend the best practices but to get a better economic result.
Some areas of our expertise:

– Wooden houses and windows


Support for research
– land,

Marketing Service
translation of documents
creating websites, flyers, etc.,
advertise on average, with selection of the most appropriate media, development of contacts and drafting the text,
– organizing presentation products through use of Hostesses,
– management of promotional coupons.

Business management
– Management of business relationships
– Management of sales force

Direct sales
We offer the opportunity for Partners to distribute the products, which are aimed at the wellness of the person, through our commercial network (B2C, B2B and Ecommerce).

We have business relationships with
GDO (Large-scale Organised Distribution)
GDS (Specialized Distribution)
Resellers / Wholesales
Finders / Agents