Air ionizer


Ionizer is an electrical device which emits negative ions.
Human body needs negative ions for cellular metabolism and all the most important vital functions.

Respiratory diseases
With the use of air ionizer the number of respiratory illnesses, such as colds, flu, sore throat, cough, angina, etc., decrease because bacteria and viruses can not move freely in the air, they are capable of capturing even the smallest of these particles, the so-called sub ​​- micron (0.01 micron), so that can not move freely in the air and therefore are not assimilated in the lungs.

Professor Isaac Barash led,in particular, an experiment to prove that the negative ions clean the air.
He filled two transparent boxes with bacterial suspension of staphylococs and streptocos.
He ionized the first box, the other not.
After three hours all the bacteria from the first box vanished from the air (they were on the bottom of the box), the air was totally clean.
In the second box the bacteria were formed in clusters which, if inhaled, have effects harmful to health.

Several health institutes around the world have proven the positive effects of negative ions on the human body, since they act on:

  • The nervous system, because they reduce the effects of stress (by lowering the level of serotonin 5-HT in the blood – a hormone which causes fatigue and depression),
  • The respiratory system, because they prevent respiratory illnesses, such as colds, asthma and bronchitis (by lowering the level of histamin in the blood),
  • The thyroid gland,
  • The decrease of pain associated with migraines,
  • The regulation of heart beat and blood pressure.


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Recently, our media inform us every day about the increased number of patients, who are suffering from the new form of flu. Experts predict that the number will be increased due to arrival of cooler days. So far we were provided with medicines and preventive measures, such as regularly washing hands, avoiding crowds, etc..

Few, however, is mentioned an effective prevention, which is enabled by negative ions. If the ionizer is strong enough, negative ions are able to remove viruses, bacterias and all other dirt particles from the air to the ground and can no longer become airborne again and so no longer harmful.

We know that bacteria and viruses have no effect whatsoever if the immune system of the body is strong enough.
To improve the immune system and to remove the viruses and bacteria from the air, we need the ionizer, which will remove all the particles from the air to the ground by emitting negative ions from the carbon brash.

It is recommended to take the ionizer with you to work, on holiday in the spa or hotel, so you can ionize the rooms in which you will temporary stay and thus prevent infections.

At the same time it is suggested to breathe negative ions directly next to the carbon brush.
Only in this way a huge amount of negative ions get through the pulmonary alveoli into the blood, which improves the immune system of the cells (that is the vitality of cells), lowers the level of histamine, which is raised because of allergies and asthma and removes the stress hormone, which is the cause of many disease.

Our contribution
Is to bring to your attention the ionizer air IONEX 220 small, portable, quiet, does not emit ozone, maintenance free, ultra-low power consumption and powerful.


For those who have or want to acquire the ionizer 220 IONEX suggest you approach the emitter of negative ions held in her hands, mouth – nose for about 10 minutes, will be able to feel the benefit after a few minutes, we still recommend a night treatment around three months for better efficiency .
To learn more, please read the information published on our website.

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The odous that remain after cooking are often unpleasant even if we turn the filters above the cooker on, the odours remain.
Recently the ionization is being used for this purpose, because the negative ions remove all the dirt particles, such as odours, cigarette smoke, bacteria, viruses, dust, mite faeces, etc. from the air. The odour is a sub-micron particle of food, which floats after cooking under the ceiling and is slowly dropping to the floor.
This is why the smell of food can be detected long after cooking.
In this case an ionizer can help.

The IONEX 220 ionizer is suitable for every room, since it is very small (12 cm in diameter and 9 cm in height) and can be placed anywhere.
Despite its small size the ionizer emits such a huge amount of negative ions that some of the ions are not used for cleaning the air, but to enable a favorable influence on the human body.
The IONEX 220 ionizer operates silently and consumes very little electricity.

  • Consumption 1.6 W = 38.4 W x 24 hours / day
  • 38.4 W / day x 365 days = 14016 W / year
  • 14 KW / year x cost assumptions energy equal to euro 0.25 = euro 3.5 years.

It’s best to place the ionizer at a high point of the room, so the negative ions can reach the odours faster, attach to them and make them fall to the floor and/or other surfaces.
No floating particles can be seen in a solar beam that shines in our living spaces.

In addition to the kitchen and living room, you can ionize other spaces, especially is recommended ionizing the bedroom , because the negative ions enable sounder and peaceful sleep due to the fact, that level of serotonine H5, the stress hormone, is lowered.
They also prevent us from acummulation in the lungs and from infectious diseases, they balance the blood pressure and heartbeat, they have a good influence on the thyroid gland, vitality and concentration.

In ionized spaces you feel much better, so you should improve the quality of living by using an IONEX ionizer.



In all air-conditioned living and commercial spaces is essential to place an ionizer to enrich the air which is depleted due to air conditioning. In such depleted enviroments we start to feel exhausted soon, because all the negative ions from the air are destroyed on their way through the air-conditioning. Some air-conditioning devices have ionizer already built-in, but attention is needed in selecting the right one. The experts have determined that the source of negative ions at most of the air-conditioning devices is not built-in on the right place, because the ionizer is placed in the middle of the air-condicioning system. In this case the negative ions must pass through the air-conditioning device and through filters which destroy them and the result is depleted air coming out of the air-conditioning again. Some air-conditioning devices offer to clean the air by so called plasma or metal needle, but all of them start producing harmful ozone after some time. There are also air-conditioning devices equipped with a great range of different filters.

Unfortunately these filters cannot efficiently purify the air, because there is no filter in the world that is able to stop hazardous sub-micron particles to avoid their accumulation in the lungs. Only negative ions can remove these particles from the air. Besides the fact that these filters are only partly efficient a buyer must clean the filters and replace them with the new after some time. The best thing to do is to buy an air-conditioning without ionization and buy a strong portable ionizer separately. This ionizer will certainly enrich the air in air-conditioned and other spaces.

The negative ions are not important just for enriching the air and the well-being, but also for alleviating the problems with allergies and asthma, because they lower the level of histamine in the blood and remove all the allergens and mite faeces from the air. The beneficial effect appears to people in stressful situations as negative ions lower the level of serotonine H5 (neurohormone that is a result of stress), they balance the blood pressure and have a favorable influence on the problems with thyroid and healing of the wounds. Besides all this the air-conditioning devices with a built-in ionizer are at least expensier as those without ionization That is why it is better to buy a portable ionizer IONEX with a carbon brush, which does not produce any harmful ozone and operates completely silently.

If necessary, you can transport the ionizer to other places or carry it with you to working place since it is so small that you can put it in the bag.

Our contribution
Is to bring to your attention the ionizer air IONEX 220 small, portable, quiet, does not emit ozone, maintenance free, ultra-low power consumption and powerful.

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We want to propose you the article of M.D. Ennio Pasquinucci, which gives advice to athletes

Dear dear athletes,

that employed many hours to work out in the gym sweating with exasperating series of exercises hoping finally to improve your performance and achieve record dream, but then you are sure you have made all the best?
During the training sessions there are too many variables that even the most careful realize.
Today I would like a explain, ie the fatigue that occurs exercising in a gym with an excess of positive ions and negative ions to a shortage of blame to static electricity or air conditioning or air confined.
In this case, the amount of negative ions decreases because of the carbon dioxide that we produce with breathing during gymnastic exercises.
In an average gym with a twenty-goers, already after one hour ions per cubic centimeter down from three hundred to less than twenty per cubic centimeter.
With the air
conditioning instead of the negative ions (those found in the high mountains, after a storm, in the woods, by the sea) are absorbed by the filters of ventilation.

In their absence it feels more tired because the negative ions act on the fatigue promoting the secretion of cortisol (a hormone typically anti-fatigue), also double the capacity for muscular work, making it less painful prolonged effort, and raising the serotonin (chemical messenger system nervous) that restores confidence in the athlete himself before a competition.
Thanks to negative ions speed up muscle contraction, increase neuromuscular excitability, stimulates the metabolism by increasing blood oxygenation and oxidation of sugars, thus eliminating waste and lactic acid acidosis responsible.

So, try to attend gyms equipped with adequate equipment manufacturers of negative ions to eliminate static charges and reduce the dust and smells of the gyms.
Negative ions stimulate your metabolism and re-equilibrate your partly eliminating fatigue and increasing your vitality.

An interesting preparation formula for an athlete is to perform inhalation of twenty thousand ions per cubic centimeter for twenty minutes a day in the two weeks leading up to a competition.
After a month of ionization, the endurance will be increased by 200%.



In addition, scientific studies have shown a beneficial effect also on the genitals and sexual behavior in humans and animals.
Volkov, for example, has noted an improvement in the quality of semen of bulls and an increase in their sexual activity.

Good workout!”

Bibliography: Plus jamais fatiguè IV parte dottor Hervè Robert

Dr. Ennio Pasquinucci

Traslation fom website :–medico-dottor-ennio-pasquinucci-da-consigli-ai-nostri-sportivi–esprimendosi–cosi.htm


Our contribution

Is to bring to your attention the ionizer air IONEX 220 small, portable, quiet, does not emit ozone, maintenance free, ultra-low power consumption and powerful.



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The residential air conditioner should undergone numerous technological advances, especially in refrigerants, thesound level, aesthetics, air quality.
Whereas the pure air of the forests or in the vicinity of the falls is rich in negative ions, while the air-conditioned it is totally impoverished even having an excess of positive ions, the air conditioning should be plenty of ionized.

The contribution
For this a number of years different brands of air conditioners in the wake Healthy put themselves to produce devices that can also ionize the air entering the air conditioner inside an ionizer.

What are negative ions?

Negative ions attract pollutants and they fall to the ground particles of dust and other airborne substances harmful to the environment.

And if we do not possesses an air conditioner with integrated ionizer?

Our contribution
Is to bring to your attention the ionizer air IONEX 220 small, portable, quiet, does not emit ozone, maintenance free, ultra-low power consumption and powerful.

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The EMF radiation are naturally produced by the Earth and all living beings.
Between humans and the natural electromagnetic field is established that a balance can, however, be modified by many different reasons, with negative consequences in terms of health. 
Our body isin factsensitive toartificialalterationsproduced by theelectrical systemsof homes,from household appliances, TVrepeatersfrom cell phones, computers, and byeverythingwhich emitselectromagnetic waves.

The contribution
Noting that the electric fields unnatural “consume” negative ions in the air using an ionizer helps make the air less electricity, leading to the ground the suspended dust.



Our contribution
Is to bring to your attention the ionizer air IONEX 220 small, portable, quiet, does not emit ozone, maintenance free, ultra-low power consumption and powerful.



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The itching is a frequent clinical sign, and it is without doubt, the cause of great concern among owners of dogs and cats that are affected.

In general the most frequent causes of itching are allergic and parasitic diseases, but also other diseases can cause it.

Allergic diseases are diseases caused by an abnormal and exaggerated response by the immune system.

The immune system is delegated to defend from the attack of microbes and foreign substances to the body through the production of antibodies or through the activation of “defensive” cells.

The presence of trivial and harmless substances in the environment induces at allergic patients an exaggerated and uncontrolled production of IgE antibodies and the activation and recall of many “defensive” cells.

The animals have lately more and more issues related to this disease because their immune system is stimulated increasingly by polluted environment in which we live.

From allergic diseases, such as atopy, genetically transmissible disease, to racial predisposition, capable of inducing allergic reactions against mundane substances present in the environment (eg, pollen, dust mites, molds, etc..), cannot be healed, but you can manage them well, for example by eliminating whenever possible contact with the allergen.

For example, an atopic dog that lives in the mountains above 2000 meters in the absence of mites and grass pollen will look good until you go to live in the valley where over several months coming in contact with allergens into the environment raise awareness and manifest atopic dermatitis. If reported in the high mountains, away from allergens defendants it would stop scratching and to manifest the disease.

It is true that allergy sufferers find benefit living outdoors or in an environment enriched with negative ions which can remove, in the environments in which we live, allergens such as pollen, mold spores, dust and pet dander.

Maintain a clean air quality, healthy and breathing will benefit all those who live there.



If you have a canary, a goldfinch, a parrot, remember that like all pets should be treated with care: normally do not like to be handled and if you touch them do it carefully. The wings and tail are delicate and without meaning to you could hurt them.

The birds are creatures of habit and eat always at the same time.

Among the recommended foods are better those that come from producers who comply with the organic-BIOLOGICAL guidelines.

We would like to give you one last tip to create a stable balance of environmental well-being that is immediately reflected on the health of our winged friends:

The birds have the air pockets which allow them to fly, in addition to the bone cavities intended precisely to store air. It ‘s clear that a beneficial effect on the human body given by the negative ionization of the air is more amplified in these animals which are literally full of air.

As above said, because the negative ions from one side bind to airborne particles causing them to precipitate, making the air pure as that which we find in the mountains or near the falls, on the other side they act on mold and bacteria inhibiting their development.

The effects of ionization has long been known in ornithology both by sports breeders like among breeders as intensive treatment, so well that in the environment where the birds are bred they are exposed to the air ionizers, when occurs a condition of crowding, typical of many farms, makes the use of this type of apparatus particularly advisable.

It should also be mentioned that many professional hatchers for breeding by hand integrate in their devices ionizer resulting a high percentage of births already for a long time.

Place the ionizer IONEX 220 with the carbon brush facing your winged friend. A device emits a stream of negative ions that purify the air.

The use of the IONEX 220 ionizer allows significant reduction of the microbial load in the air.

Many applications have shown that the use of IONEX 220 produces a net reduction of the fungal and bacterial population in the air of confined room where the ionizer is positioned.

Of course, as you can read in the section on applications, you can benefit from ionizer IONEX 220, too.


In the last century , the temperature has increased about 1.3 – 1.6 ° C. By 2050, climatologists predict a temperature increase of 3 ° C in summer and 2 ° C in winter. The rainfall will decrease in summer and increase slightly in winter.

With the rise of temperature the production of pollen increases.
As we know the composition of the vegetation depends on climatic conditions of a region . Depending on the temperature , precipitation and humidity, in fact, vary even plants that will settle and grow . The climate therefore has a decisive influence on the presence in the various regions of plants with allergenic pollen.

What we find today
Temporal displacement of the pollen season (the birch and ash starts about 2-3 weeks earlier than twenty years ago ).
Prolonged pollen season ( reflected primarily a change in the pollen of grasses and herbs ).
Increased amounts of pollen ( it is assumed that with increasing temperatures increases the production of pollen).

The contribution
People who suffer from pollen allergies can get benefit when they live in environments where there is good air quality.
To help achieve this we come to the rescue air ionizers, which recreate the atmosphere that we find in the mountains or near the falls thus removing allergens and do this by making them submit to the ground thus preventing inhaled.


Our contribution
Is to bring to your attention the ionizer air IONEX 220 small, portable, quiet, does not emit ozone, maintenance free, ultra-low power consumption and powerful.





For those who have or want to acquire the ionizer 220 IONEX suggest you approach the emitter of negative ions held in her hands, mouth – nose for about 10 minutes, will be able to feel the benefit after a few minutes, we still recommend a night treatment around three months for better efficiency .
To learn more, please read the information published on our website.

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Even if you work in what appears to be a relatively clean environment, you can be exposed to contaminants.

In the last few years have been highlighted various diseases classified under the definition of “building sickness syndrome” because buildings are considered guilty for some of the problems that beset the people who work there, among the most frequent symptoms experienced can be included:

  • Low concentration
  • Stress
  • Migraine (headache)
  • Fatigue

These symptoms stem from the fact that most of us work in the offices with a steady stream of air conditioning, and many times, because we are sitting in front of a computer screen for hours and hours every day.

The initiative to be undertaken in order to improve air quality in offices, in addition to maintenance of air conditioning, heating and ventilation, sanitation of surfaces, floors and objects, is to adopt an ionizer’ air, in fact, the quality of the atmosphere in closed environments is directly correlated with the presence of negative ions in the air.

Fortunately, there is IONEX 220

The air ionizer IONEX 220 thanks to issue the negative ions up to 4.5 x 107 (ions/cm3 / sec) 0.51 x 1013 (ions / sec) scale in a short time, the Excessive presence of positive ions might be produced:

  • by the imperfect circulation,
  • devices by air-conditioning,
  • from cell phones, computers, monitors,
  • the structure of the building

In fact, in these last years several studies and research have shown that, in addition to improving physical and mental performance, reducing stress, inhalation of negative ions regulates the production of serotonin in the brain, relieving migraine headaches and fatigue.

Whenever you think about a gift you think about the air ionizer IONEX 220 that will not only make happy the person who receives it, but will also make happy other members of the family.



These are plants with high allergenicity.

For those suffering from pollen allergy, a time is coming “at risk.” Starting next week, in fact,( will disperse in the air) the first pollen of Wormwood and, a little later, those of Ragweed will be dispersed in the air.


Between the two, the most widespread in our area is definitely the Wormwood.
It is a plant that produces large amounts of pollen then entrusted into the wind for the dispersion, for which, generally, are detected in high concentrations enough air. Its allergenicity is very high and the flowering period is generally from early August to early September and then reappear with the species Wormwood, with a second short peak bloom in late September.

The Ragweed, instead, is a plant of relatively recent introduction. The first report of its presence on our territory dates back to 1987, but the constant monitoring reveals an increase in its spread. It loves arid and uncultivated, neglected urban areas, construction sites, railway ballast and the banks of the waterways. Its pollen is highly allergenicity: a few granules to trigger allergic reactions in sensitive people, so you need to monitor it carefully.


  • Wash your eyes frequently with cold water;
  • Keep doors and windows closed when necessary;
  • Change clothes clothes when you return home;
  • Cover the bed with a sheet during the day;
  • Use, if necessary, an ionizer;
  • Do not leave the house during the hottest hours;
  • Stay indoors after a thunderstorm;
  • On weekends, go to the lake, at the beach or in the mountains, where there is less pollen;
  • Consult bulletin of pollen;
  • Quit smoking.

Having taken this passage from the site of the Edmund Mach Foundation of San Michele we belive to do something good (welcome you to what we)offering/introducing you the ionizer IONEX 220.


The ionizer IONEX 220 is small, portable, quiet, maintenance-free, ultra-low power consumption and powerful, to find out more, please read the information published on our website.


Source: Allergies, incoming pollen of Artemisia and Ambrosia
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As now well known, the quality of the indoor climate is directly correlated with the types of ions present in the air.

The salt cave as well as being the ideal place to spend time in a pleasant environment, relax, forget about everyday problems, has a microclimate rich in negative ions.

Therefore go into a salt cave, remaining for some tens of minutes, allows us to breathe clean air. In fact it is preferable and desirable to live in healthy environments where positive ions are outweighed by the negative ones.

We can see that the properties of negative ions are numerous to name a few shortly,  the range goes from reducing anxiety to mood enhancement, the increase the ability to concentrate to a greater physical endurance.

In a view of the above mentioned it’s a fact that it is estimated that people living in large urban areas spend indoors approximately 19-23 hours per day, of which 10-14 in their own homes and because, although it may seem incredible, but often, especially in the city, the air inside closed environments is far more unhealthy than the air you breathe outsidelet’s take the opportunity for our friends to live in healthy environments.

Advise them the ionizer IONEX 220.


It will be useful to continue to live, even at home by the benefits obtained in the salt cave.

It is also an idea for a useful gift.




Healing aspects of the underground labyrinth “RAVNE” in Visoko.

28 december 2012

“Dear Friends,

Testimonies of many tourists in 2011 and 2012. that their stay in the Underground Labyrinth “Ravne ” have brought a number of health improvements initiated a series of studies of the Foundation “Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” in order to find scientific confirmation of these claims.


Foundation team composed of Borut Bric from Slovenia and principal investigator Dr. Sam Osmanagich, performed a measurement of the concentration of negative ions in the 19 control points, of which at one location in Sarajevo (near hotel Holiday Inn), one at the entrance to the Underground Labyrinth “Ravne” and 17 locations inside the underground maze. Measurements were made on December 24th, 2012. Instrument “Air Ion Counter” was used, made by the American company “Alpha Lab, Inc.” this instrument has been used to measure the density/concentration of negative and positive ions in the air. Measurement capacity is up to 2 million negative ions.

Negative ions are atoms or molecules that have more electrons than protons in their nucleus.

(Negative Ion: an atom or group of atoms, which due to of loosing or acquisition the electron, presents positive electriccharge (cation) or negative charge (anion).  Specific beneficial effects have been demonstrated on the health of the human body – translator’s note)


Negative ions are atoms or molecules that have more electrons than protons in its nucleus. Series of the analysis in the past 120 years have proven health benefits of negative ions. Specifically, the negative ions clean the air of dust, spores, mold and pollen. The higher concentration of negative ions is in the woods, the mountains, by the sea and waterfalls.



Research shows that the concentration of negative ions per cubic centimeter (-ons/cc) have been recorded in the following values:

  • Meeting rooms and offices of the companies in urban centers: 25 – 100
  • Polluted highways in Los Angeles: 100
  • The streets of big cities: 250 – 450
  • In the village: 800 – 1,800
  • Mountains: 5,000

Negative ions, according to the measurements, stimulate following functions:

  • Physical muscle strength (measured by ergograpf)
  • Intellectual activity (as measured by the encephalograph)
  • Hormonal activity (as measured by the secretion of the gland)
  • If the blood pressure is too high negative ions reduce it, and if they are too low, increase it

In short, the negative ions destroy bacteria, vitalize our cells, increase the volume of oxygen in the blood, improve metabolism, increase the power of concentration and alertness, eliminate fatigue, increase resistance to disease, cure headache, insomnia, constipation, allergies, asthma, and many other problems.

Conducted measurements of December 24th in the Underground Labyrinth Ravne showed the following values:

  • At the entrance to the Underground Labyrinth: 400 -ons/cc
  • 40 meters from the entrance: 3,000 -ons/cc
  • Megalith K-1, 160 meters from the entrance: 10,000 -ons/cc
  • Megalith K-2, 180 m from the entrance: 13,500 -ons/cc
  • Underground “healing chamber”, 220 m from the entrance: 18,000 -ons/cc


Therefore, the concentration of negative ions in the premises of the Underground labyrinth is three to four times higher than in the mountains!





This preliminary study definitively confirmed that the concentration of negative ions increases with distance from the entrance. That is why the first few years of research (2006-2010) only a few sporadic statements about medical effects were heard after visit to the tunnels. At that time the length of the tunnel was only 100-200 meters. Opening and cleaning about 940 meters of the prehistoric underground tunnels by December 2012 led to the arrival in the section of the tunnel with much higher concentration of negative ions.


The highest concentration was observed in the underground chambers.

Foundation will make sure that this underground healing structure remain open year around with professional guides available at all times.

After all, it belongs to all of us.”

Souce: The Archaelogical Park


High levels of negative ions neutralize the effect that tobacco smoke has on the cilia

The cilia are cellular appendages long and thin filamentous arranged around the surface of some cells.

The cilia in the trachea, called vibrating cilia, together with the mucus filter substances introduced through breathing; mucus traps the atmospheric dust (dust, pollen, bacteria, etc. …) so that the airways are kept clean.

The faster the cilia move, the more effective they are.


When you smoke, first they slow down, then they paralyze and finally the cilia are destroyed.

This is also the reason why smokers often have more colds and flus having destroyed their first defenses against microbes that cause these diseases.

Tests have shown though, that adding high levels of negative ions to the air accelerates the ciliary beat to normal levels (Soyka, 1991).


The smoker that uses the IONEX 220 ionizer holding it in hand, for a few minutes, at a distance of about 10 cm. from the mouth – nose it can clean the lungs by it.
One of the first symptoms that will warn you it’s going to be the cough and expectorate, signs that the cilia have begun carry out its task. properly



It is estimated that people living in large urban areas spend indoors about 19-23 hours a day, of which 10-14 at home

It may seem incredible, but often, especially in the cities, the air inside closed environments is far more unhealthy than the air that is breathed outside

This depends on many factors, in addition to recycling indoor air with outdoor air pollution, from electronic equipments, chemicals contained in the materials of construction of furniture and everyday objects that, with the passage of time are released in the form of dust and others.

Ensure a good quality indoor air is important for the health and has implications both socially and economically.
So much that indoor air pollution is even considered the main cause of a variety of symptoms – such as headaches, respiratory problems, lowering of the immune system and chronic fatigue – summarized in the comprehensive definition of ‘sick building syndrome’ (SBS see JC Glossary).

Fortunately there is a help from the ionizer IONEX 220, in fact:

The quality of indoor climate is directly correlated with the types of ions present in the air.

Those small, negatively charged, with which the organism, through breathing, is always in contact, are necessary for life and make qualitatively good and pleasant air and healthy climate.

Conversely, the positively charged ions, which tend to be deposited into larger particles, such as dust, soot, microorganisms and smog, worsen the air quality because they are too heavy and too long-lived. In case of lack of negative ions, the large positive ions arrive in the airways determing an increased predisposition to infectious diseases of cold.

Research work has shown that high densities of negative ions induce, in most people, an increase of the oxygen content in the blood and a decrease in the partial pressure of carbon dioxide, together with a reduction of blood pressure and heart rate .

A tip

The Scientific Committee SCHER (Scientific Committee on Health and EnvironmentalRisks) of the European Commission recommends that the assessment of the risks of pollution is always focused on the most vulnerable groups, following an approach “case-by-case.”
The most vulnerable groups are represented by the elderly (over 65), those with asthma and other respiratory diseases or heart disease, pregnant women and children.

Place the IONEX 220 in the children’s sleeping room. Ionizer IONEX 220 will create the ideal conditions for them to sleep well every night throughout the whole year.



Benefits of NEGATIVE IONIZATION obtained by the air ionizer 220 IONEX especially in this next period where allergies are at the gates.

Contrary to popular belief, the allergies are not exclusive to springtime weather and the outdoors.

Many allergies vary by the time of the year:
 • In the spring, tree pollen is the predominate cause of airborne allergic reactions.
 • In the late summer to early fall, ragweed and other weed pollen is the culprit.
 • Mold spores can bother us through most of the year.

Unfortunately, there is no foolproof method or device to completely eliminate the entrance and settling of pollen and allergens in the environment where we live.

However, maintaining a clean, healthy, breathable environment of quality air will prove beneficial for all those who live there.

For example enriching the air with negative ions can remove, in the environments in which we live, allergens such as pollen, mold spores, dust and pet dander.

In fact, the primary effect of negative ions is to eliminate smoke, dust and any toxic substances that pollute the air, they do joining to allergens, which have positive charge, so as to deposit them on the ground, therefore the contaminants are not totally destroyed but simply settle to the ground, of course as usual must then “clean” the floor from what we see but is not is deposited..

The ionizer IONEX 220 (small, portable, quiet, maintenance-free, ultra-low power consumption and powerful) is very useful because it creates environments where we live, the climate that we find in the mountains or near the falls rich in negative ions.

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The scientist dr. Alan Mortlock from the university in Canberra has done a major research on the benefits of the use of negative ions at treating asthma and allergies. He has found out that the pacients’ breathing has significantly improved. People, who suffer from rhinitis (the symptoms of hay fever) all over the year, feel relieved after ten minutes near ionizer. The pacients, who suffer from symptoms occur in severe forms, need night treatment as well. This treatment lasts about three months and should begin in the end of February to prevent the occurrence of symptoms in May.

The IONEX 220 ionizer should be placed on the shelf or nightstand near the bed.

The ion therapy stems from the nature. Dr. Kornblueh, the pioneer of such research, has proved that the ion therapy should be started by adding negative ions into the air of our living rooms or working place, which improves the natural balance that was previously destroyed by civilisation.

The next step is breathing the negative ions directly next to the carbon thread of the ionizer, which reduces the allergy attacks, the need for antihistamines, sleeping pills, painkillers, sedatives or other medicines and increases vitality and productivity. To reduce the problems at the onset of spring allergens, we should regularly breathe the negative ions a few weeks earlier. Only the negative ions can naturally with no harmful side effects lower the level of histamine in the blood, which is increased at asthma and allergies and they balance the blood pressure, heartbeat, the functioning of the thyroid and internal organs at the same time. They remove all the dust particles and bacteria from the air and offer the best prevention from infectious diseases.


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They are our health!

“Dear athletes,
I will continue to provide you with some tips for you to remove that sense of fatigue that often takes away the pleasure of starting the workout. I also recall the importance of negative ionization in the environments where you live, sleep, or work to increase neuromuscular excitability.


It would be sufficient an inhalation of 10000 ions/cm3 with an ionizer for fifteen minutes before breakfast in the morning to improve the metabolism of the day.



To give you an idea of how can vary the concentration of negative ions in the atmosphere, we have in a local village 30 negative ions/cm3, in a car 15, 200 in a polluted city, in the country going up to 1200, in a forest 3000, by the sea in 4000, to 8000 in the mountains, at the foot of a waterfall up to 40000.

Other factors favoring instead a positive ionization as a setting where you smoke, or where there is a lot of dust, such as near gas stoves, electric stoves or in front of a television screen or a computer, on the subway or in crowded buses, weather events or fog, or a hot, dry wind.

The positive ions attach themselves to a smoke dust, or pollution, such as the pm1 and pm10, and make it even more harmful and negative, protect us against the transmission of infectious diseases, sterilizing environments up to 80% so there should always be an ionizer in hospitals, nursing homes or gyms.”

Dott. Ennio Pasquinucci

Traslation fom website–importanza-agli-ioni-negativi-sono-la-vostra-salute.htm of the March 5, 2012




      Rich in negative ions

On the occasion of World Earth Day here is a gift that brings us back to the time when our planet was a pristine paradise: an ampoule containing nothing less than the air you breathe in the mountains of the National Park of Zhangjiajie (Hunan Province , China) The same that inspired the floating mountains of Pandora in the movie Avatar. Since the release of blockbuster this place is besieged by tourists who want to enjoy live peaks shaped by erosion – including the famous Avatar Hallelujah Mountain, so renamed in honor of the film – and the luxuriant vegetation. A valuable opportunity for the directors of the park (protected by UNESCO), which began sponsoring the air you breathe among these trees, defined by their pure and “rich in negative ions of oxygen”.

Translation from Focus Magazine April 22, 2011