These are plants with high allergenicity.

For those suffering from pollen allergy, a time is coming “at risk.” Starting next week, in fact,( will disperse in the air) the first pollen of Wormwood and, a little later, those of Ragweed will be dispersed in the air.


Between the two, the most widespread in our area is definitely the Wormwood.
It is a plant that produces large amounts of pollen then entrusted into the wind for the dispersion, for which, generally, are detected in high concentrations enough air. Its allergenicity is very high and the flowering period is generally from early August to early September and then reappear with the species Wormwood, with a second short peak bloom in late September.

The Ragweed, instead, is a plant of relatively recent introduction. The first report of its presence on our territory dates back to 1987, but the constant monitoring reveals an increase in its spread. It loves arid and uncultivated, neglected urban areas, construction sites, railway ballast and the banks of the waterways. Its pollen is highly allergenicity: a few granules to trigger allergic reactions in sensitive people, so you need to monitor it carefully.


  • Wash your eyes frequently with cold water;
  • Keep doors and windows closed when necessary;
  • Change clothes clothes when you return home;
  • Cover the bed with a sheet during the day;
  • Use, if necessary, an ionizer;
  • Do not leave the house during the hottest hours;
  • Stay indoors after a thunderstorm;
  • On weekends, go to the lake, at the beach or in the mountains, where there is less pollen;
  • Consult bulletin of pollen;
  • Quit smoking.

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Source: Allergies, incoming pollen of Artemisia and Ambrosia
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