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We all have irreplaceable products of which we can declare to be their loyal consumers but be careful not to transform the loyalty to myopia, the evolution of the products can make them more efficient, they may satisfy our needs better.

We at JC does not try to convince anyone we wish to meet people who are really attracted by the novelties that through various forms come into our daily lives.

For this we would like to introduce you the toothbrush CLEVER.

The seduction begins with a smile.


The CLEVER TOOTHBRUSH removes plaque below the gum collar, through the principle of polarity.

  • Through this process the plaque even in the remotest corners of your teeth is removed successfully.
  • Using a CLEVER toothbrush regularely you will notice a gradual WHITENING of your teeth of extrinsic stains (see info – glossary) and a reduction in the formation of tartar.
  • Ideal for REMOVING STAINS of nicotine and caffeine.
  • Recommended in the treatments of GINGIVAL BLEEDING and HYPERSENSITIVITY to hot and cold.
  • Regular cleaning with the CLEVER toothbrush reliably protects teeth, gums and your health.



Laziness and resistance to change could prove counterproductive from a healthy and economically point of view.