Bottled water vs tap water

Bottled water vs tap water filtered with the WAS device
In order to choose the most suitable bottled mineral water to our needs we must take account of the various parameters that are recorded on the label of the bottles on the market:
• Fixed residue…

The refining of the water

Some refletions.
The osmotic water removes some of the minerals needed by our body?
The public health experts strongly recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day.
To ingest the RDA (recomanded Daily Allowance – Recommended Daily Allowance) of some minerals useful to…

The aquarium OK

In our aquarium the main element is of course water. so much so that for fish and invertebrates is much more than the air for birds or land animals: water in fact become part of their body composition up to 90%, permeating the…

The importance of the ice in the preparation of the cocktails

Ice is the indispensable element in 99% of cases for the preparation of cocktails.
It can be said that the cold is a component of the cocktail just like…

Put on the table the pitcher with your water
From the ancient fountain at the “Kiosk Water” household appliance for the refinement of the water.
The public fountain…

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Devices for domestic use for water treatment

The importance of the water in tea preparation

The way in which a tea is prepared significantly influences the organoleptic characteristics of the infusion which is obtained. In this process…

The importance of water in the preparation of the beer

The art of making beer at home.
Although the beer is made up…