Ice is the indispensable element in 99% of cases for the preparation of cocktails.
It can be said that the cold is a component of the cocktail just like the spirits and liqueurs.
The homemade ice is not the best for cocktails, especially if too much water limestone, no good, you have to use pure water is preferable if you do not have a home water treatment device for the aqueduct’s better to use the ‘natural mineral water.

For those who want to engage in the preparation of cocktails frequently should consider the possibility of having
– A device for water treatment
– The ice machine or a refrigerator with built-in ice maker
The ice if it is not hard crystalline, it is ideal to have the ice machine which allows to obtain crystalline hard cubes that dissolve very slowly while maintaining the long cold drink of water down rapidly thus avoiding the cocktail.
Of course, the ice got out of the car built in some refrigerators is fine.

How can we have available  water  that we want?
Our suggestion
The reverse osmosis devices that JC submit at your attention are the WAS, produced in Slovenia.

Among the characteristics we want infor you:
– Have an electronic program for the operation and control of the quality water
– Direct filtration system without storage tank , thanks to the high-performance pumping
– Automatic wash system prevents the formation of bacteria
– They are equipped with water -stop system that blocks any loss of water
– The buzzer and the LEDs alert you in case of malfunction
– Is signaled when to replace filters

For a healthy philosophy  JC does not choose to distribute products that in addition to treating the water to make carbonated water with addition of carbon dioxide.

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