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In our aquarium the main element is of course water. for fish becomes and invertebrates is much more than the air for birds or land animals: water in fact become part of their body composition up to 90%, permeating the mucous membranes, invade the tissues is an unicum between the environment and living things.

The water delivered from the aqueduct normally contains in varying multitude degrees of substances at high risk for our favourites, though “almost harmless” for a us humans.
But then what? We often make use of household cleaners, to water softeners (also called demineralization or deionizers), which, however, are not suitable to our purpose: the ion-exchange resins of which they consist provide us with low or zero water content limestone, very useful for various domestic purposes (such as iron or steam in the boiler espresso), but unsuitable for fish life.

The only valid choice remainsĀ  filtered water by the reverse osmosis device: the result is water without the impurities.

The water thus obtained is perfectly pure and fitted to receive the specific mixture for fish life. These mixtures, which commonly find at your local retail store will give the right dose of salts and trace elements thus obtaining a water fully compatible with the requirements of each species bred in the aquarium.