In the Saharan provinces, serving tea is a special ritual whose preparation can occur at any time of the day.
No meeting may be held and no special evening there can be without the tea and ceremony that accompanies its preparation.
In fact, the latest news are exchanged and the affairs of life are discussed around a cup of tea.

Among the traditions we find the theory of the three “J’s”.
Jamā`ah  (the group or the community) means that the taste of the tea is best when we are in good company.
Jarr (prolonging), it means that when the preparation is long, as this gives the guests ample time to talk calmly and without stress.
Jamr (smoldering embers) is the traditional fire used for the preparation of tea.

It must be emphasized that the art of receiving, the pleasure of welcoming the guests to the extent appropriate, also passes through the simplicity and refinement of tea sets, as you will find in creations by Catbriyur, the Slovenian brand that is represented in Italy JC Italy.

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