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With the evolution of toothbrushes cleaning teeth and taking care of gums is simpler, but this wasn’t always the case.
The toothbrush has come a long way since our ancestors first used twigs to wipe their teeth and after …..:

3500 AC – Egyptians and Babylonians use chewing sticks made from branches of the Salvadora Persica tree. They also used boar bristles attached to a bamboo stick to clean teeth.
1600 AC – In China people start using chew sticks made of plant limbs and roots.
1498Europeans start traveling to China to obtain toothbrushes made of bamboo and hog bristles.


Nylon bristles replace bristles made of pig innards.
In Switzerland it was invented the electrically powered toothbrushes


2010 – The CLEVER toothbrush
CLEVER acting on the principle of polarity removes plaque precisely deep beneath the gingival collar, just massaging the teeth.

Once you try the toothbrush CLEVER , it cannot do without.
ttention can be addictive

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