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Some tips for choosing the right toothbrush

Only traditional toothbrush with dental floss
Contrary to the toothbrush Clever, a traditional toothbrush, manual or electrical, must be combined with the action of the floss.In fact, only brushing, even if carried out with great skill and with appropriate techniques, it is not sufficient to remove completely the milky film that sticks to the surface of the teeth and nestles in the interdental spaces.

Choice of the brush head
To facilitate cleaning of the teeth, the head of a toothbrush should be quite small: approximately, the size of the head should not exceed 2.5 cm in length and there should not be more than 4 tufts of bristles in width.

Choice of hardness of the bristles
A traditional toothbrush acts with the mechanical force that is transmitted during brushing unlike a toothbrush which acts via the polarization process which does not require such action, does not require vigorous heads with hard bristles.In addition, sensitive teeth do not like a brush with hard bristles, similarly, even in the presence of gingivitis or periodontal disease the action of the toothbrush should be extremely sensitive. Even after an important dental operation – a dental extraction or an apicectomia for the treatment of granulomas, dental abscesses or cysts – it’s important to use a toothbrush that does not act by force until the complete healing of the wound.If on the other hand are chosen toothbrushes with heads bristles too soft, these deteriorate faster.This is a reason why JC has chosen for you toothbrushes with fixed head and the right hardness.

Toothbrushes with an exchangeable head
Brushes with the titanium bar and exchangeable head can become a dangerous tool in the hands of a child if she/he removes the head from the handle.

Disadvantages of electric toothbrushes with heads that gyrate, vibrate and / or oscillate
Misuse or superficial use of the electric toothbrush with the head rotating, vibrating and / or oscillating is ineffective for daily oral hygiene.In addition to an inefficient, not profound dental cleansing, a misuse of this electric tool can lay the foundations for gingival recession (gum withdrawn), gums injury, tooth decay and other teeth diseases.

Certainty of the operation of the ionic toothbrushes
Ionic toothbrush must have the led indicating to you that the action of polarization is ON, otherwise you will never know whether your ionic toothbrush is acting properly or not.

Toothbrushes with solar panel
The toothbrushes, which to obtain the energy necessary for the process of polarization, adopt a small solar panel need a light source (a fluorescent light of the bath, a lamp or sunlight) that is not always available thus making this toothbrush, in this case, ineffective.