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With increasing age , the skin is slowly deprived of an essential component for its elasticity and tension, hyaluronic acid.
The tissue is then crumpled, with visible wrinkles , even deep and that’s why the constant application of creams containing hyaluronic acid allows you to reactivate mature skin by stimulating cell function and gives the skin firmness and clarity lost.

Even younger skin can take advantage of the benefits of this component because it is able to restore the proper level of hydration of the skin and to prevent or treat the phenomena of dryness and cracking.

On the market there are many products that claim ownership of hyaluronic acid anti-wrinkle, anti-aging , short of the true beauty of our allies . There are dozens and dozens of brands and , consequently, different prices, but be careful not to be fooled always good to check the INCI.

Dieci28 is a cream that associates an unprecedented ten active principles among the most effective and technologically advanced acting directlly in the heart of the skin.
It has a restoring restructuring and revitalizing action, fights against deydration and free radicals, increasing skin turgor and stimulating the synthesis of all fundamental substances.
This action gives a brighter look to the face, making it smooth, uniform and visibly younger.
Continue the treatment over time until a visible improvement of the condition of the skin.”
Dr. Guido Zanzi
Dermo aesthetic surgeon

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