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The concept of beauty is closely connected with that of well-being that comes the knowledge that through the “correction” of the blemishes and the ” improvement ” of our outward appearance you can get real benefits relational effects.

We at JC in selecting the dermo- cosmetics propose we decided to turn our attention , in particular, to the consumer evolved , complex needs and sensitive to the values ​​: technology and quality.
We intend , therefore, to relate to those who enter the care of the person in a life project in which beauty is not an end in itself, but it becomes an expression of well-being , giving those who want to visit our site ( www.jc-italia.ita  shopping experience almost consulting in a place where you feel safe and you took the time to understand, compare and evaluate correctly .

With news dedicated to the dermo- cosmetics would like to introduce some tips on the subject and to this end we begin by telling you , obviously, that when you choose a cream for their own use or to give it away we have to consider your skin type and its properties , in fact, the choice of a cream is something that should involve not only a pleasure, but also a fulfillment results on the skin and consequently well-being .

Our suggestion – Let’s start with the 5 elements to remember for an anti-aging

Each of us ages differently accordingly we would need a series of creams and so we should implement what is called the path cosmetic , this means a series of steps that we can exemplify newspapers or magazines in the following five elements :
1st item “remove exogenous and endogenous “
2nd element “normalize cell turnover and regenerate “
3rd element “to prevent dehydration and dryness “
4th element ” improve communication and signaling of the cell cycle “
5th element ” counteract fibrosis and elastosis “

To learn more about this strategy, we invite you to visit our website at Anti-aging strategy
Thanks and see you by the Staff of the next JC news dedicated to the dermo- cosmetics