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From the ancient fountain at the “Kiosk Water” household appliance for the refinement of the water.
The public fountain in the urban environment has been the central and defining point of the city, often represented as architectural / sculptural.
The diffusion of water distribution networks in cities allowed within a few years of having drinking water in homes that directly led to a reduction in the objective ‘ “usefulness” of the fountains as a source of water supply .

From the Green Dragon, Toret …… to the water kiosks ……. to the domestic device

Given that the Water Kiosks are also fed by tap water with characteristics of quality at source should be in accordance with the requirements of the law, the experience gained over the years in this regard allows us to state that these installations over to improve certain organoleptic, through a water treatment process water supply, characteristics that best meet the benefit of end users guarantee a significant return to general image as it helps to promote the concept of ” sustainable world” (less bottles, less transport, etc…).

In order to facilitate the proper supply of water from the stand , avoiding risks from the point of view of sanitation , we all have to abide by certain rules among which , not so exhaustive, include:
– The prohibition to apply or pull over to the taps of water supply devices of various kinds to allow abnormal mode of withdrawal (eg, rods, extension cords, etc..).
– The prohibition of touching or soiling: regulators, grid and the ground plane underneath.

And if you do not want to go frequently at the Kiosk with the basket of bottles or if you are not sure that everyone respects the rules for the use of water kiosks ?

The solution is to equip yourself with a domestic appliance for the treatment of water with direct system without reservoir , so that , at your home, you will have the opportunity to drink and cook with your water when you want it and without having to store.

Remember if you want to store the water :
– Use bottles and / or containers to be used exclusively for that purpose , in choosing the preferred glass
– Use containers with airtight lid .
– Before any withdrawals you check the cleanliness of the container.
– Do not fill containers completely but leave a little ‘ air between the cork and the liquid level .
– Keep the water in a cool place and do not leave it in places exposed to the sun or heat .
– Do not keep it for long periods , preferring to frequent supply avoiding making large stocks .

The reverse osmosis devices that JC submit at your attention are the WAS, produced in Slovenia.

Among the characteristics we want to tell them:
– Have an electronic program for the operation and control of the quality water
– Direct filtration system without storage tank , thanks to the high-performance pumping
– Automatic wash system prevents the formation of bacteria
– They are equipped with water -stop system that blocks any loss of water
– The buzzer and the LEDs alert you in case of malfunction
– Is signaled when to replace filters

For a philosophy healthy JC does not chooses to distribute products that in addition to treating the water to make carbonated water with addition of carbon dioxide.

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