EAER the new method to treat the tooth decay

Teeth repaired thanks to a low-intensity electric shock.
Has been developed a new technique to treat tooth decay it is a small jolt of electrical current that stimulates the tooth to the auto-repair, the method has been developed by researchers at King’s College London and will be on

Something personal

With the evolution of toothbrushes cleaning teeth and taking care of gums is simpler, but this wasn’t always the case.
The toothbrush has come a long way since our

Mouthwash & CLEVER

We are all aware of the importance of oral hygiene for the prevention of infections and dental disease and halitosis.
To ensure satisfactory hygiene of the

Education as prevention

If it is true that our mouth and our smiles are the focus of interpersonal communication and our card when we introduce ourselves to someone, then you can certainly do not think that the dental-health education is not…

How much does a healthy smile
In times of economic downturn , such as we are experiencing, when it comes to dentists our thoughts immediately turn to the portfolio , with the result that…

Listen to your dental hygienist

His first advice.
• The toothbrush is the axis on which oral hygiene and prevention run, it is the protagonist of cleaning of the mouth, with a nice smile and a good health.
• When a person…

Comunication strictly reserved forward-looking

We all have irreplaceable products of which we can declare to be their loyal consumers but be careful not to transform the loyalty to myopia, the evolution of the products can make them more efficient, they may satisfy our…

When technological progress improves the quality of our personal hygiene

Among the products selected and marketed by JC Italia with its Personal Care Business Unit, we recommend a toothbrush CLEVER which through its action allows effective cleaning of the teeth and consequently reduces the incidence…