How to use the CLEVER toothbrush:

  • To facilitate the action of a CLEVER toothbrush we suggest that you rinse your mouth with water so that your teeth remain moist (the action of water / saliva is essential),
  • Wet the entire toothbrush,
  • Use of a toothpaste is not necessary, for those who cannot give up, use it in small quantities,
  • Hold the CLEVER toothbrush wet with the palm of your hand or touching lightly, all the time of use, the metal plate color “silver” at the end of the handle that acts as an electrode,
  • Place the toothbrush on the teeth, making so the circuit closes and the ionization process starts (you will be informed by an indicator light located on the toothbrush),
  • Clean the teeth as if you were using a normal toothbrush. To get the benefits it’s sufficient to place it lightly on the surface of the teeth and no vigorous brushing is needed,
  • After use, thoroughly rinse the toothbrush under runningĀ  water and make sure the LED is off otherwise dry the toothbrush handle

The battery of the CLEVER toothbrush lasts about 6 months, under normal conditions.