How CLEVER toothbrush cleans your teeth:

The CLEVER toothbrush works on the principle of polarity.

Every atom in the  nature when it acquires or loses an external electron  ceases to be neutral and results positively charged if it has lost an electron (positive ion) or negatively charged if acquires (negative ion ). Elements of the same polarity repel each other, while elements of different polarities attract each other.

  • When holding a wet CLEVER toothbrush and placing it on your teeth, a circuit is closed and an LED on the toothbrush turns on. This is possible because of the battery placed inside the toothbrush;

  • By closing the circuit a negative charge is caused on the head of the toothbrush;
  • Tooth  enamel  temporarily changes its charge from negative to positive;
  • Tooth plaque, which is also positively charged,  detaches from the enamel;
  • The bristles of the brush head CLEVER having negative charge attract the plate that has a positive charge.

The plate is then removed with success, even in the remotest corners, from your teeth and your mouth will be protected from dental problems (plaque, tartar, cavities, etc..), Gingivitis and bad breath.