An answer to the most frequently asked questions.

Why use the CLEVER toothbrush
 The toothbrush removes plaque with success even from the most hidden corners of your teeth. The teeth and gums, influence, in their substantial perceptibility, the beauty of the face and the aesthetics of the smile.

What benefits will I have using the CLEVER toothbrush?
Regular cleaning of the teeth with the CLEVER  toothbrush will protect you in an effective and reliable way from caries, bad breath, inflammation of the gums and other dental problems. You will also notice a gradual WHITENING  of your teeth by extrinsic stains of nicotine and caffeine and a reduction in the formation of tartar.

Who Should Use the CLEVER toothbrush?
TO ALL  who want  a bright smile and maintain oral hygiene. For the SMOKERS as It reduces, in a few weeks of nicotine stains. For the CHILDREN, not being necessary the use of toothpaste is ideal for the children because a child should not swallow the toothpaste(Children should use it under the instructions of adults).

Should I use a toothpaste?
It’s not necessary to use a toothpaste. For those who cannot give up a toothpaste, we recommend to use it in small quantities.

How to use the CLEVER toothbrosh?
Wet the entire toothbrush  and clean the teeth as if you were using a manual toothbrush.

How should I hold my toothbrush?
Hold wet toothbrush CLEVER with the palm of your hand or touching lightly, all the time of use, the metal plate color “silver” at the end of the handle that acts as an electrode.

Pay attention if the LED is not on when using the toothbrush check:

  • that the toothbrush is wet or
  • that the toothbrush is hold  correctly (see previous paragraph)

If led is not on at first use wash under running water until the led is on.

How long last the battery?
The battery of the CLEVER toothbrush lasts about 6 months, under normal conditions.

What precautions to consider if you decide to use the toothbrush travel case?
Remove the warranty seal from the housing and the two adhesives located at the  bottom and the top of the cylindrical container to free the holes that allow the ventilation of the toothbrush when it is placed in the holster.