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How to prevent colds

Ionizer is an electrical device which emits negative ions. Human body necessarily needs negative ions for cellular metabolism and all the most important vital functions…..

How to prevent flus

Our media inform us every day about the increased number of patients, who are suffering from the new form of flu. Experts predict that the number will be increased due to arrival of cooler days…

How to remove odours

The odous that remain after cooking are often unpleasant even if we turn the filters above the cooker on, the odours remain…

The air ionizer is a essential to air conditioning

In all air-conditioned living and commercial spaces is essential to place an ionizer to enrich the air which is depleted due to air conditioning….

Tips for the athletes 2

We want to propose you the article in the medical Ennio Pasquinucci, which gives advice to athletes
Dear dear athletes and athletes,
that employed many hours to work out in the gym…

Air conditioning and wellness

The residential air conditionershave undergone numeroustechnological advances, especially in refrigerants, thesound level, aesthetics,air quality.
Whereas the pure air of the

Electromagnetic pollution at home

The EMF radiation are naturally produced by the Earth and all living beings.
Between humans and the natural electromagnetic field is established

Benefits for our 4 paws friends
Allergic diseases in dogs and cats
The itching is a frequent clinical sign, and it is without doubt, the cause of great concern among owners of dogs and cats…

Benefits for our winged friends

The primary needs of canaries, goldfinch, parrots and other winged friends.
If you have a canary, a goldfinch, a parrot, remember that like all pets should be treated with care: normally do not like…

Climate and allergies

In the last century , the temperature has increased about 1.3 – 1.6 ° C.
By 2050, climatologists predict a temperature increase of 3 ° C in summer and 2 ° C in winter.
The rainfall will decrease in summer and…

The air quality at the workplace

Even if you work in what appears to be a relatively clean environment, you can be exposed to contaminants.
In the last few years have been highlighted…

Allergies, incoming pollen of wormwood and ragweed

These are plants with high allergenicity.
For those suffering from pollen allergy, a time is coming “at risk.” Starting next week, in fact,( will disperse in the air) the first pollen of…

The salt cave

Living in healthy environments.
As now well known, the quality of the indoor climate is directly correlated with the types of ions present in the air.
The salt cave as well as being…

Archaeologists in search of lost negatine ions

Why is good bring home the air ionizer.
Healing aspects of the underground labyrinth “RAVNE” in Visoko. 28 december 2012
Dear Friends,
Testimonies of many tourists in 2011 and 2012. that their stay in the…

Negative ions counteract the effects of smoking

High levels of negative ions neutralize the effect that tobacco smoke has on the cilia.
The cilia are cellular appendages long and thin filamentous arranged around the surface of…

Indoor air

It is estimated that people living in large urban areas spend indoors about 19-23 hours a day, of which 10-14 at home.
It may seem incredible, but…

It’s allergies time

Benefits of NEGATIVE IONIZATION obtained by the air ionizer 220 IONEX especially in this next period where allergies are at the gates.
Contrary to popular belief, the allergies are not…

How to mitigate allergies and asthma with negative ions?

The scientist dr. Alan Mortlock from the university in Canberra has done a major research on the benefits of the use of negative ions at treating asthma and allergies. He has found out that the pacients’ breathing has significantly improved. People, who suffer …

Tips for the athletes

Athletes, give due importance to negative ions.
They are our health!
Dear athletes,
I will continue to provide you with some tips…

A breath of fresh air

Rich in negative ions.
On the occasion of World Earth Day here is a gift that brings us back to…