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In times of economic downturn , such as we are experiencing, when it comes to dentists our thoughts immediately turn to the portfolio , with the result that , increasingly, it is clear from their study , even for a simple tartar removal , the so-called teeth cleaning.
This treatment had become a habit that many dentists indicated next appointment though distant in time.
Custom which we accepted willingly believe that it serves to prevent periodontal disease , gingivitis from simple to impairment of tooth structure with risk of loss of the same.

Let your dentist once remains he open-mouthed

The aware choice
To date there is no study that has demonstrated rigorously the effectiveness of the ablation of tartar for the prevention of oral disease.
The real prevention then you do it every day with proper oral hygiene to prevent the formation of tartar.

The suggestions
Among the products selected and marketed by JC we recommend a toothbrush CLEVER which through its action allows effective cleaning of the teeth and consequently reduces the incidence of dental expenses on the household budget.

The toothbrush CLEVER will wash your teeth by removing plaque (The tartar is hardening of plaque on the teeth) in a whole new way. CLEVER acting on the principle of polarity removes plaque precisely deep beneath the gingival collar, just massaging the teeth.

Once you try the toothbrush CLEVER , it cannot do without.
ttention can be addictive

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