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Teeth repaired thanks to a low-intensity electric shock.
Has been developed a new technique to treat tooth decay it is a small jolt of electrical current that stimulates the tooth to the auto-repair, the method has been developed by researchers at King’s College London and will be on the market within three years.

In order to develop the system the scholars are based on the principle that dental caries are formed when the natural minerals in the enamel disappear to erosion and tooth starts to rot.

The process is developed in two step:
The first prepares the damaged area of the enamel outer layer of the tooth.

The second instead uses the current to push calcium and phosphorus within the tooth to repair the damaged area.
In this way the affected area is re-mineralized through a painless procedure that requires neither to drill the tooth, or perform injections or to replace the natural fabrics with filling materials.

The technique, called EAER (Electrically Accelerated and Enhanced Re-mineralization ) is not the first example of the application of the electric current in the dental field.
In fact, dentists already use to test the health of the teeth.

The aware choice
The real prevention then you do it every day with proper oral hygiene to prevent the formation of tartar.

The suggestions

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