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Bottled water vs tap water filtered with the WAS device

In order to choose the most suitable bottled mineral water to our needs we must take account of the various parameters that are recorded on the label of the bottles on the market:

• Fixed residue (mineral salt content after the evaporation of 1 liter of water at 180 °), more this value is low, more the water is light
• pH indicates the degree of acidity of the water, a pH below 7 indicates acidic water, a pH equal to 7 indicates neutral water, a pH above 7 indicates alkaline water, acidic water favors the digestion, alkaline waters help balancing the acidity of the stomach
• Temperature of bottling water (degrees °C)
• Dissolved substances are the minerals present in a liter of water
• Bottled water must have a low value of the absence of nitrates and nitrites
• Bottled water must be bacteriologically pure
• The expiration date indicates the date by which it is advisable to consume water Bottled water should be stored in a cool place, away from light and heat of the sun, which can alter its characteristics.

The survey conducted as part of the European Atlas dell’EuroGeoSurveys Geochemistry Expert Group (published in May 2010 by the magazine Scientific American’) has allowed us to know all the data on the composition of mineral waters in Europe.
Analysis of mineral waters

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