Hyaluronic3G vs weinkle

The skin is a living organ in continuous evolution.
The passage of time, the habits of life and damage due to non-optimal solar rays are phenomena that accelerate cellular oxidative stress …

Dermo-cosmetics vs time 2-0

The facial skin aged, although relieved from a cosmetic surgical procedure, however, requires the application of products that can restore a more youthful appearance.
The importance of hydration…

Skin aging
Con With increasing age , the skin is slowly deprived of an essential component for its elasticity and tension, hyaluronic acid.
The tissue is…

Newsletters 002 of the 22 01 2014

The substance inside a cream

Dermo-cosmetics: howw to choose them right but above all secure

We must begin by reading the label that shows the list of ingredients (INCI) , the tool that tells the truth about the products , even if the Italian jargon is called “bugiardino” .
Given that…

Self-care is the primary tool of relationality

The concept of beauty is closely connected with that of well-being that comes the knowledge that through the “correction” of the blemishes and the ” improvement ” of our outward appearance you can get real benefits…