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The residential air conditioner should undergone numerous technological advances, especially in refrigerants, thesound level, aesthetics, air quality.
Whereas the pure air of the forests or in the vicinity of the falls is rich in negative ions, while the air-conditioned it is totally impoverished even having an excess of positive ions, the air conditioning should be plenty of ionized.

The contribution
For this a number of years different brands of air conditioners in the wake Healthy put themselves to produce devices that can also ionize the air entering the air conditioner inside an ionizer.

What are negative ions?

Negative ions attract pollutants and they fall to the ground particles of dust and other airborne substances harmful to the environment.

And if we do not possesses an air conditioner with integrated ionizer?

Our contribution
Is to bring to your attention the ionizer air IONEX 220 small, portable, quiet, does not emit ozone, maintenance free, ultra-low power consumption and powerful.

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